AISummit Led by 51CTO Is Set for August 6

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Get ready for the heat of artificial intelligence this summer!

Chinese leading IT community 51CTO has announced its first virtual ​​AISummit​​—a global technology conference focusing on artificial intelligence—will be held on August 6 and 7, 2022.

In keeping with the theme "Impetus·Innovation·Intelligence", the web conference will cover 12 hot topics in the area, including computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, intelligent robotics, autonomous driving, smart healthcare, metaverse, and other innovative sectors. 

Over the years, artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of transforming and upgrading the digital economy. The explosive growth of the mobile Internet and the advent of deep learning algorithms have led to the collection of vast amounts of data, which has enabled many technological breakthroughs.

As part of this endeavor, 51CTO plans on bringing together a range of AI experts worldwide to talk about its development and future opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss trending issues in AI and pursue the use of this technology in the domestic and international markets.

Over 100 experts and scholars from renowned enterprises and leading academic institutions will attend the web conference, including:

Dou Zhicheng, Associate Dean of Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Renmin University of China;

He Zhongjun, Chairman of Baidu Artificial Intelligence Technical Committee;

Xiang Liang, Head of the Applied Machine Learning Research team at ByteDance;

Song Yang, Chief Algorithm Expert at Zuoyebang;

Wang Junle, Expert Researcher and Head at Tencent Turing Lab;

Li Jing, Senior Staff Algorithm Engineer, Alibaba Group.

The conference will run a series of 12 sessions to highlight the best practices of Chinese and international tech giants, and the following are the topics:

  1. Computer Vision: A pioneer of AI technology, computer vision paved the way for a technological revolution that created many valuable technologies that are the foundation for an AI-driven automated world.

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Languages have evolved over thousands of years to convey information. Using NLP , we will be able to facilitate the exchange of information between humans and machines, which will lead us towards a more creative future.

  1. Intelligent Speech Recognition: Speech recognition is rapidly becoming an integral part of human-computer interfaces. Its combination with speech synthesis may produce other innovative sectors.

  1. Cognitive Intelligence: Cognitive intelligence is a new stage in the growth of artificial intelligence that will allow machines to think logically and deduce conclusions as they do in human beings.

  1. Algorithms and Models: Algorithms and models represent the essence of artificial intelligence, and with the continuous development of technology, algorithm models have also made great strides.

  1. Intelligent Search and Recommendation Systems: With the help of intelligent search, users' behavior and characteristics are tracked and analyzed by algorithms, and by leveraging a recommendation system, they are connected to services effectively.

  1. Hardware and Smart Chips: Hardware will be the backbone of AI. In the future, new advances in smart chips will come from the combination of circuit and device-level technologies.

  1. Intelligent Robotics: Robotics-related technologies are maturing and beginning to replace manual work in many scenarios, accompanied by an increase in Internet and multi-industry enterprises entering this brand new market.

  1. Autonomous Driving: AI and IoV have played a key role in bringing autonomous driving to a reliable technique that is safe, regulated, and efficient.

  1. FinTech: A pioneer in the current change, the financial industry has been the driving force behind the modern economy. A wave of digitalization and artificial intelligence will sweep through various sectors as the development of FinTech accelerates.

  1. Smart Healthcare: Smart healthcare utilizes the Internet of Things, data fusion, cloud computing, and metropolitan networks to realize connected medical services and enhance patient convenience.

  1. Trusted "Carbon Dioxide Peaking and Carbon Dioxide Neutrality": Artificial intelligence is playing a growing role in helping cities achieve the goals of "carbon dioxide peaking and carbon dioxide neutrality." Fairness, interpretability, and model quality of artificial intelligence models are crucial factors for achieving these goals.

The evolution of artificial intelligence is certain to speed up, but making breakthroughs will remain challenging. In response to the growth and development of artificial intelligence, ethical rules are also being developed. This year's AISummit is intended to be a landmark event in this field during these times of rapid technological advancement, which may help open up new possibilities, allowing more people to engage in the era of "digital intelligence."

(Click to view the home page of AISummit​)

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