YADRO is a technology company committed to influencing the way enterprises address their IT transformation challenges.

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YADRO is a technology company committed to influencing the way enterprises address their IT transformation challenges. We design and offer game-changing products with outstanding quality. Our power is a team of knowledgeable talents combining a wide range of experience gained through the years of contribution to success of leading technology companies.

We offer end-to-end enterprise server and storage products with breakthrough features, focused on transformational workloads, primarily in-memory computing, deep learning, hyper scale datacenter and large volume storage.

We are an OpenPOWER Platinum Member and the first vendor in foundation with original enterprise class system. Member of SNIA, Linux Foundation, Gen-Z Consortium, PCI-SIG, OpenCAPI, etc. YADRO established partnership with IBM, Cavium, Avago, Marvell, PLX, LSI, Molex, Mellanox, Samsung, Broadcom, Toshiba, Microsemi, Micron, MSI, Foxconn, HGST and Seagate and others leading global technology companies.

At the moment company runs two R&D offices in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and employ over 200 talents graduated from best the technology universities with past experience in IBM, Microsoft, Lenovo, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Fujitsu, Yandex, etc.


VESNIN is the world’s first 4-way OpenPOWER server from YADRO, a Platinum member of OpenPOWER Foundation. VESNIN architecture is optimized to balance capacity and performance of all major server resources for modern data-intensive applications. VESNINgreatly boosts in-memory computing, analytic workloads and transaction processing, creating a competitive advantage for customers.

The server scales to impressively large memory volume to handle huge data chunks. The volume is augmented with high memory bandwidth and incredible local storage performance to speed up data transfer operations. In addition, VESNIN incorporates up to four RISC processors optimized for intensive parallel processing and enterprise workloads.

Density, volume and bandwidth blend in YADRO VESNIN for unmatched specifications. Mere 2U of rack space host up to 8TB RAM and offer up to 12 million IOPSon top of local NVMe drives. VESNIN consolidates resources to offer a customer-friendly price per terabyte of RAM and a significantly improved TCO model.

VESNIN Usage Scenarios and Customer Benefits

In-Memory Application Infrastructure Platforms

IMDBMS store databases in server RAM and offer both row-store and column-store options. They are usually classified for analytical and operational purposes, although the second segment also tends to include increasing number of analytical capabilities. The main market driver in this segment is SAP HANA, followed by Redis.
IMDG products are more lightweight object-oriented options of in-memory DBMS designed for distributed data storage. Most notable IMDG systems in the market are GridGain, Hazelcast, Aerospike, XAP and InsightEdge by GigaSpaces Technologies. Some ISVs offer products for both segments of in-memory application platforms, e.g. Couchbase or TerracottaDB by Software AG.

Bigger memory and higher processing speed — these are the fundamental requirements for all in-memory application infrastructure platforms. VESNIN outstanding memory capacity and bandwidths enables bigger in-memory databases for more complex customer systems. For IMDGs it also helps in handling available data with fewer systems to minimize overhead costs for hardware and software associated with clusterization.

Real-Time Analytics

VESNIN is designed to host significantly more memory than other servers with scale-out footprint — enabling BI and HTAP software run analytics over bigger datasets. From customer perspective, it means more data gets analyzed and deeper real-time insights are achieved. At the end of the day, running BI&HTAP on VESNIN improves enablement of superior business flexibility practices like dynamic pricing and builds the competitive advantage for customer business.

Record-breakingly fast and balanced NVMe local storage of VESNIN brings data up to memory with blazing speed, so time to get the value from data is minimized and analytics are performed with maximum efficiency.

Any PPC64-compatible in-memory analytics software like SAP HANA, Polymatica, etc. will make more value with VESNIN.

Transaction Processing

High-speed VESNIN memory boosts processing performance, while fast local storage accelerates snapshot operations and improves safety of transactional data.

Business and IT transaction streams are critical and intense for any big company. Fast and efficient transaction processing is crucial for business flexibility and competitive strength. It is important for meeting the compliance requirements, attracting new customers and promoting their loyalty.

The high volume of memory in VESNIN stores more transactions for processing. Also, the server can accelerate the operations with hosting more transactional database instances like Redis, PostgreSQL or MariaDB. Moreover, on VESNIN all instances are having high bandwidth to drives thanks to balanced NVMe subsystem. With VESNIN, customers can use fewer servers and infrastructure to save money.

High-speed VESNIN memory boosts processing performance, while fast local storage accelerates snapshot operations and improves safety of transactional data.

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