Android Studio 离线升级科普

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Android Studio 更新的频率还是挺高的,本文作者就跟大家分享一些关于Android Studio 离线升级的经验,给大家做一下科普。

Android Studio 更新的频率还是挺高的详见


If you are already running Android Studio, just restart it, or manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu). This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image. We are not posting full installers for each weekly update. If you do not already have Android Studio, install the latest full install from When you run that version, it will check for updates and upgrade itself via the patch mechanism.


We can't update this patch because the site: has been banned by our damn government. If I use a sock proxy, I still can't get the update. After request client was redirect to


3- If that still fails, you can download the patch and apply it manually. The patch is located at (syntax is "AI-$FROM-$TO-patch-unix.jar", where you get the from/to using the updates.xml file) Once you have that file: $ cd android-studio-directory $ java -classpath /path/to/AI-130.687321-130.692269-patch-unix.jar com.intellij.updater.Runner install $PWD


1. 从 找***版本号如 0.1.8 (Build number: 130.725679)或者从找***版本号

2. 下载补丁

"(syntax is "AI-$FROM-$TO-patch-unix.jar", where you get the from/to using the updates.xml file)"

windows 对应为-win.jar

3. 进入android studio 目录X:\Android\android-studio安装

"java -classpath AI-130.721168-130.725679-patch-win.jar com.intellij.updater.Runner install ."

注意***的 “.” 安装到当前目录

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